The MRidium™ 3860+ MRI IV Infusion System supports IRadimed’s proprietary ‘Dose Error Reduction System’ referred to as the‘DERS’ drug library. The DERS drug library reduces the risk of medication infusion errors by providing clinicians with a pre–programmed, hospital approved drug library…. customized with clinically defined infusion parameters as well as hard and soft dosing safeguards.

MRidium™ 3860+ DERS Drug Library…Taking the ‘Guess Work’ out of Critical Dosing!

3860_Product Shot_Masimo

  •  User Defined Infusion Protocols
  •  ‘Safeguards’ for Maximum and Minimum Dosing Limits
  •  Reduced IV Medication Errors
  •  Increase Compliance with National Safety Standards
  •  Customizable Care Areas
  •  Brand Name or Generic Customization
  •  ISMP Tall-Man Lettering